Professional Consulting



AMS is an innovative small company focused to meet customer needs through services related to synthesis of advanced materials and development of new materials related processes and technology. The field of services:

  • Semiconductor processing and evaluations
  • Optical materials development
  • Process flow for thin film coating: Atomic layer deposition, RF-Sputtering, e-beam evaporation, Pulsed-Laser deposition, MBE, Electrochemical Synthesis
  • Nanomaterial Synthesis: Nano-crystals/Quantum Dots of semiconductors, Nano-rods, Nano-particles, Nano-layers, Multilayer films etc.
  • Provide expert consultations on material fabrication, testing and sustainability 

Why Us?

AMS is an innovative small company focused to meet customer needs for the following services.

  • Development (complete or partial) of proposals/Grant writing (science & engineering themes) for funding agencies, such as National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Defense (DoD), NASA, NIH and other related grant opportunities in US and abroad.
  • AMS will provide logistics, novel ideas, work closely with the scientists and provide service in all respect of the proposal development.
  • AMS provides expert services for scientific paper writing for the researchers, especially for non-native English speakers.
  • AMS provides expert services for preparation of scientific project reports.
  • AMS provides intellectual ideas for performing research in the field of Energy harvesting, Energy Storage, Memristors, Tunnel Junctions for memory, Nano-materials for biomedical applications, Semiconductor devices, Superconductors, Multi-ferroics etc.

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